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______ Kid power: Fly Guy, Teen Musical Willamette Week by Christa Mc Intyre January 30, 2017 Fertile Ground Diaries: “William Shakespeare’s Fools” Will Shed So Much Humanity On Clowns That It Just Might Cure Your Clown-Phobia: The one-man tour through the Bard’s clowns is a slice of old circus magic. ______ Willamette Week by Hailey Bachrach January 30, 2017 Fertile Ground Diaries: “The Tall Tales of Paul Bunyan” Is a Puppet Show for Grown-Ups: The play features ingenuous puppetry that the script doesn’t quite match. ______ Oregon Arts Watch by Bob Hicks January 30, 2017 Staged!


Originally from Oakland, California Amy found her comedy chops in the Bay Area scene and is still a favorite at the San Francisco Punch Line and Cobb's Comedy Club.On Wednesday, Willamette Week obtained an email from 2012 where district officials discussed lead issues.The district allegedly discussed labeling drinking fountains but no action was ultimately taken.The document shows the elevated lead levels were found at 47 of 90 buildings.

The findings were first reported by Willamette Week. – After tests showed high levels of lead at two Portland elementary schools, Portland Public Schools said it would conduct district-wide lead tests this summer.



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