Validating user input in vb net

For example, interest rates fall within permitted boundaries.

Introduction This article is about a Windows application and presents a more involved example that uses Regular Expressions to validate name, address and telephone number information input by a user.

Compilers use Regular Expressions to validate the syntax of programs.

If the program code does not match the Regular Expression then the compiler indicates that there is a syntax error. When a user clicks the OK button, the program checks to ensure that none of the fields are empty.

The error provider simply takes a control and a message in the Set Error method and does the rest of the work for you!

If the user enters invalid data they’ll see an icon shown in Figure 3.

Detecting attempts to find these weaknesses is a critical protection mechanism.


The user must be able to assimilate the data presented to him quickly and easily through the Presentation layer and also must be able to input data efficiently into the application.

All sections should be reviewed The most common web application security weakness is the failure to properly validate input from the client or environment.


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