Updating memory on laptop

Mac Book Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012) Mac Book Pro (15-inch, Late 2011) Mac Book Pro (15-inch, Early 2011) Mac Book Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) Mac Book Pro (15-inch, 2.53GHz, Mid 2009) Mac Book Pro (15-inch, Mid 2009) Mac Book Pro (15-inch, Late 2008) Mac Book Pro (15-inch, Early 2008) and earlier Mac Book Pro (17-inch, Late 2011) Mac Book Pro (17-inch, Early 2011) Mac Book Pro (17-inch, Mid 2010) Mac Book Pro (17-inch, Mid 2009) Mac Book Pro (17-inch, Early 2009) Mac Book Pro (17-inch, Late 2008) and earlier Warning: The internal components of your Mac Book Pro can be warm.If you have been using your Mac Book Pro, wait ten minutes after shutting down the computer to let the internal components cool before continuing.And the process of swapping out RAM chips should take between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on how many screws you have to remove. Low memory is often the cause of bottlenecks on a computer, and can lead to not just slow performance but also stability problems.If you're a power user--multitasking across several intensive programs or keeping 30 or so browser tabs open at once--more memory will likely help your system run more smoothly.Seated a single RAM stick of 4GB --------- Laptop boots and behaves normally I repeated the above steps multiple times, and everytime I got the same results.I assume the procedure I followed is correct as the 2GB RAM does work each and every time it is reseated. Here's the report of my older 2GB samsung RAM as generated by Speccy: Memory slots Total memory slots 2 Used memory slots 1 Free memory slots 1 Memory Type DDR3 Size 2048 MBytes Channels # Single DRAM Frequency 399.1 MHz CAS# Latency (CL) 6 clocks RAS# to CAS# Delay (t RCD) 6 clocks RAS# Precharge (t RP) 6 clocks Cycle Time (t RAS) 15 clocks Physical Memory Memory Usage 37 % Total Physical 1.93 GB Available Physical 1.21 GB Total Virtual 3.87 GB Available Virtual 3.11 GB SPD Number Of SPD Modules 1 Slot #1 Type DDR3 Size 2048 MBytes Manufacturer Samsung Max Bandwidth PC3-10700 (667 MHz) Part Number M471B5673EH1-CH9 Serial Number 95C555DB Week/year 12 / 10 SPD Ext. RAM stands for "random access memory." The "random" part means that any byte of memory can be retrieved without touching the preceding byte.


I mean even the screen with COMPAQ logo doesn't appear. Now I'm trying to upgrade to 2 RAM sticks of 4GB each (had to remove the old one). I'm already using Windows 7 64 bit, so I guess the issue with more than 4 GB RAM will not matter.

If you can upgrade your laptop's memory, it won't cost you much money or time.



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