Squarespace flickr widget not updating

Just tried to integrate Mail Chip with Squarespace...it does not seem to be sending new information to the list.Templates and Designs: Squarespace is a pretty sophisticated product that offers great-looking templates that are optimized for mobile devices (responsive web design).But do keep in mind that the template quality can vary, as it relies heavily on the images used.Do we have this feature to track purchase patterns and clickthroughs etc? Hey Wiebe -- Since this integration enforces the double opt-in method, new signups won't appear on your Mail Chimp list until after they've clicked the link in the confirmation email.

Form submissions are then captured in Mail Chimp as list subscribers.This integration makes it easy for Squarespace users to add Mail Chimp newsletter signup forms to their sites. When people try to use my signup form, they do not receive a confirmation email and so I never get their email address unless they contact me personally. I wonder how many interested subscribers I have lost without even knowing it, due to this problem. How does one activate / integrate Ecommerce360 onto Squarespace?Looking for a work-around but one does not seem to exist. All other platforms seems to have plugins etc, but squarespace does not.Accounts start at per month (billed annually) for a site of up to 20 pages, and they run up to per month for a high-power commerce site serving unlimited bandwidth with real-time shipping integration.

For a full rundown of the options, see Squarespace's pricing page.

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