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“There are life jackets and a first-aid kit on board,” Rodney Wendell, captain of the Zambezi, declares as we set sail for our expedition into the cerulean waters off Nassau, Bahamas. Intrepid, I boarded the boat at Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas, which has been running shark dives and snorkel trips for decades.

“I will be on hand in case of emergency.” I usually tune out the requisite safety spiel delivered on tourist vessels; what, after all, could possibly go awry during an easy cruise in Caribbean waters? The waters the boats cruise have time and again been ready for their close-up: Several National Geographic TV specials were shot here, as was footage for the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

You’ll want to instead dedicate an entire day for a theme park like Lotte World and especially for Everland.


Last Feb 2013, my dream to go to K-Pop country finally came true! He spent valentine’s day alone back in the Philippines while I was at the Korean DMZ stepping foot on North Korean soil. After 5 days in Korea with each day having an average of 3 destinations/activities squeezed in, I never felt so exhausted in my entire life (which explains the yet to be edited Korea travel video and a slow progress on Korea blog posts).As long as they remain feeding down below, they won’t care about any of you guys.” I take a deep breath and descend the ladder.


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