Opposite of sedating


So it’s not the antihistaminic effect that’s working but the anticholinergic.


I don't mean to nitpick but you can just call it a SNRI.Beverages such as Malava Novocaine, Drank, Unwind, Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda and Slow Cow (sold in Canada) are marketed as helping people unwind."When you are stressed out, normally you'd have a drink," said Matt Moody, founder of Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda.The same way Cromolyn is useless if a person is already having an allergic reaction, antihistamines cannot work acutely either.

It will take 3 days for it to work if histamines were already released because it takes time for the histamine to be pulled off the receptor. Even though a cold is not an allergic reaction, they are useful in the treatment of the symptoms because of their anticholinergic effects (the drying effects due to decreased mucous production).His transition from agitation to stupor may have been due to the combined effects of discontinuing propofol and adding phenobarbital (in the context of some residual lorazepam and post-ictal confusion).



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