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See full summary » A hapless mid twenties man gives up everything to move to LA to follow his girlfriend, and his dreams.When making it in Hollywood becomes harder than he thought, his relationship with his ...



This program looks at the explosion of online sex sites.See full summary » The story of a Hollywood star who, tired of his lifestyle, one night encounters his doppelganger leading to a role switch so the star can slip away for some alone time leaving the double to...


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    The adult entertainment industry is growing by leaps and bounds and we felt like increasing the number of hot lasses so that people can visit the site more often.

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    Meet singular people like you - whether you happen to be a singular father or mother, divorced, separated, or possess by no means have been committed.

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    "You may not get along with them, you may not talk to them all the time, but you're connected to them. And that’s why it’s so special to hear that because with a movie like this it’s an easy litmus test.

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