Msexchangeadtopology when updating security for a remote procedure call


The Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology service will continue starting with limited permissions.Log Name: Application, source: MSExchange ADAccess, date: Event ID: 2142. Here are some of our ideas: * making 'cousin' photo albums.These errors appeared every 15 minutes in the event log and were always in the same group of 3.Source: MSExchange ADAccess Process MSEXCHANGEADTOPOLOGY (PID=1416). The site monitor API was unable to verify the site name for this Exchange computer – Call=Dsctx Get Context Error code=8007077f.This is something I’ve ended up having to resolve multiple times with customers, so I felt it would be good to get a post out about it.In this case, the customer had an environment of Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010.


Event Type: Error Event Source: MSExchange ADAccess Event Category: General Event ID: 2604 Description: Process MSEXCHANGEADTOPOLOGY (PID=4600).Is it possible to adopt a baby with parents in 40s?


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