Kate hudson dating owen wilson

Owen, 39, allegedly attempted suicide last summer after his relationship with Goldie Hawn's daughter broke down.It is thought the devastated actor slashed his wrists and took an overdose of pills after his ex-lover was pictured cuddling her new boyfriend comedian Dax Shephard. Mum-of-one Kate is thought to have called off the affair, blaming Owen's lack of commitment.Its premise – and constant celebrity name-dropping – bore striking similarities to Bret Easton Ellis's novel Glamorama.The author once told me that he got an out-of-court settlement from the film-makers, because of the similarities, although this has never been verified. "I noticed that when I was travelling, there were a lot of people who came up to me quoting Zoolander," says Wilson., "totally had a moment," a partygoer tells Us Weekly exclusively. Hudson, who welcomed son Bingham in July 2011 with fiance Matt Bellamy, asked her ex Wilson, "Are you doing well?


When it fizzled out again a few weeks ago, everyone seemed optimistic that the pair could handle it well.The 28-year-old is said to be “ecstatic” about the prospect of marrying Owen. Wilson returns as Hansel in the sequel to the fashion world satire after 15 years.(Wilson and Jade Duell welcomed son Robert Ford in January 2011; Hudson also has son Ryder, 8, with ex-husband and Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson.) "They pulled out their phones to show each other pictures," the partygoer tells Us.

"They both oohed and ahhed over them." PHOTOS: Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz's dueling love lives Hudson, 32, was in great spirits throughout the night.

In addition to chatting up Wilson, the star (who wore a vintage Versace gown) made amends with actress Cameron Diaz, 39.



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