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If a man doesn’t want to be committed to you, why try to force him? Love is not always as strong a force as gravity to make sure that they have no choice but to plant their feet firmly on the ground next to you.

Oh, and note the difference between him wanting to be with you, and him wanting to commit to you. Let’s look at the potential for a couple moving from a steady relationship to marriage.

Apparently, the person had read "Inflammable objects not allowed" written as "Jalaaishi padaarth mana hai"An interesting off-shoot of classical Tamil, kamnatti derives from "Kaimpe Ndaati paiyan" which stands for a young widow's son, who is expected to grow up without parental guidance and hence a "kamnatti".

Some say, it originated from English sahibs in TN addressing their kids as Come, naughty boy!!

But that did allow me to become a little more open and added to my determination for exploring the pros/cons in today’s context.

Time went by and my son did move on to the boarding school in 2009 where he had been registered at the time of birth.

We were meeting after 17years and so it was natural to ask about each other and our children’s schooling plans.Most, especially products of boarding schools, would have appreciated this action plan.But my friend shocked me when he suggested that “I was making a mistake and Boarding was so “18th century” and that he would never send his children to one.” I ignored what he had said at that time and attributed it to his own boarding experiences at his school."Contribution to Gandhi's freedom movement" provided an excellent means to account for the "missing" money. One should apologise to Mahatma Gandhi as this term brings a small amount of disrepute to him, for no fault of his!!!


Connotes deliberate disinformation, as opposed to genuine misinformation.

Cougars are financially stable and mentally independent women in the 40 age range looking to date younger men.



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