How to block dating sites

I made settings filter explicit content but when the user clear the browsing data all the setting are gone. I get graphic messages to my email, on my game apps interruptions while texting, even when I'm asking Google a question, My children use my tablet and I wouldn't want them seeing stuff like that and shouldn't be coming to your phone unless you ask for apps and advertising of that nature. I just want the apps I have on my tablet I don't understand why apps and advertising come to my phone.

They just pop up on some of my apps that are not even adult issues or wanting/asking for any entertainment of that nature. I canceled the subscriptions but keep coming back could it be my husband be curious because we are on the same account.

Even searching for the word "Small" can bring up images and websites on the first page of the Google search. As a parent, we sometimes hand our phone to our child to keep them content while running errands.

If you are someone who does this, you should seriously consider putting restrictions on your phone. am trying to block adult sites on my phone You can block adult content if you follow the steps posted in the Visi How article on this page.

Keep in mind that if certain websites have mobile sites, you may need to block them separately.


Repeat this process for each site you'd like to block access to.

If you need to make even stricter changes then there are apps which also provide the blocking of inappropriate content.


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