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High-risk sexual behavior takes place when a person puts themselves at risk for negative consequences like catching a sexually transmitted infection or disease, or unplanned pregnancy.

Some high-risk sexual behaviors include: While not everyone who engages in risky sex has issues with compulsive sexual behavior, many people with compulsive sexual behavior have high-risk sex.

What’s most interesting is that SOA doesn’t impose a particular implementation style such as specifically a client/server, request-response model, but rather allows companies to start thinking about implementation approaches that typically have been applied to solve other, non-integration focused problems.

Peer-to-Peer Services One of the more interesting approaches to Service interaction is the idea of Services communicating in a peer-to-peer (P2P) fashion, rather than through brokers, buses, or hub-and-spoke approaches.

For better or worse, electronic communications are part of our lives. So if you're going to be sexting, you should learn exactly what the risks are so you can assess them and deal with them. Your guide to safer sexting starts with a quick overview of what we mean by "sexting." While some people define sexting as digitally sharing nude or explicit photos and videos only, we also include text-based messages of a sexual nature in our definition.

Sexting does not necessarily mean using any particular app or device.

Sex is a completely natural and normal part of the human experience, and when practiced safely and with a respectful partner, it can have health benefits.

For some people though, sex becomes an obsession and does more harm than good.


You'll always be taking some risk when you send or receive naughty messages, photos, or videos.

Compulsive sexual behavior is when a person has excessive or uncontrolled sexual behaviors or thoughts that may cause them distress and negatively affect their relationships and work.


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