Drake and tyra banks dating

According to , the two stars spent a lot of time together at his 30th birthday bash last Sunday.

Banks began acting on television in 1993 on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and made her film debut in Higher Learning in 1995.Yes, Drake and Taylor Swift reportedly hung out, but does that mean they’re dating? It’s no surprise that the rumor of them being 2016’s new power couple grew like rapid fire due to their very popular public dating life.Swift recently got out of a wild relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston, and Aubrey was rumored to be dating on-again-off-again crush Rihanna.Banks was the co-creator of True Beauty, and had her own talk show, The Tyra Banks Show, which aired on The CW for five seasons and won two Daytime Emmy awards for Outstanding Talk Show Informative.

Drake has dropped a 12-minute music video for ‘Child’s Play’, centring around the track’s argument at The Cheesecake Factory lyric.

“They were like a couple of teenagers—snogging and following each other around the club.



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