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If you would like to nominate an individual, and the Chairrman of the Special Awards Committee will be in contact with them or contact the Awards Committee Member in your Chapter.

Please be sure to include the nominees name, facility name and the award in which you are nominating them for.

Nearly 200 miles away in the drawing room of her Exmouth home, Tina Mc Kinney and her 18-year-old daughter Charlotte were stunned into silence.

"It was the way she smirked after she said it," Tina explains.

The winning team is rewarded; the losing team must report to the infamous boardroom, where one member will be fired by Trump, who is assisted by his children and Trump organization executives Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

The 2010 version of returns to its original premise of a competition of business professionals and entrepreneurs, eschewing the celebrity competition of the past three installments of the reality TV show.


Ivanka Trump appeared in an ad released by her father’s campaign over the weekend, arguing he will be good for women if he’s elected president.

"That was the real kick in the teeth."Katie Hopkins' breathtakingly ruthless statement has been the subject of much debate since she delivered it on television last Wednesday.



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    The transfer of the current Radio 4 Analysis office to BBC White City necessitated the relocation of some audio-tapes and transcripts.

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