Dating stationary engines

It is a different type as it has no casting for the hot tube and dose have casti ... posted by Mike Herbertson Elizabeth, Colorado USABuilt By Troy Engine and Machine Troy PA. The date is really an unknown but writing inside the cylinder insulation covers say either 1901 or 1911. posted by Buzz Hartland, Wisconsin USAKahlenberg oil engine this was out of a fish boat. posted by Dirk Hochstetler Nappanee, Indianaball half breed engine,starts and runs great, great compression,flywheel on governor side has a small wobble clutch is free ,runs cool all day,trades? posted by Inverted Mosquito Flats, Nebraska We have here a 6 HP famous cylinder.It is in fairly good condition with no breaks or repairs. Bender Hillsboro, Wisconsin International UD9 Stationary engine, engine is stuck, missing the flywheel, I do have the injection pump. Call Zach @ 608-553-3020 or email me at [email protected] ...The Toowoomba Foundry under the brand name "Southern Cross" made Steam engines as early as 1876.The first petrol engine appeared in 1910 and is a copy of a English engine from the ‘Bristol Wagon & Carriage Company’, called a "Victoria". Southern Cross was also agents for other makes of engines Mc Donald Imperial Super Diesel engines from 1921/23.


Southern Cross also were agents for Fuller & Johnson Farm Pump engines up until Southern Cross went back into engine manufacture in 1926.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a number of rules, titled National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP), to control emissions of toxic air pollutants from existing stationary reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICE).

The rules are intended to reduce emissions of toxic air pollutants—such as formaldehyde (HCHO), acetaldehyde, acrolein, methanol and other air toxics—from several categories of previously unregulated stationary engines.

Engine is free and turns over, has a cracks in the water jacket and exhausted manifold. posted by bovaird1 Tulsa, Oklahoma Bovaird & Company 15hp half-breed mounted on Heavy Duty Farrar & Trefts bedplate.

Grace's Guide is the leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain.There is very little left of records before 1926 as most were destroyed, the records from 1926 are quite good which means I can date all engines and most windmills, generators, pumps where there is a serial number or a guide of date by the cast letters.


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