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Fujairah coasts extend 90 km along the Gulf of Oman which accords a strategic importance to this Emirate.

However, there is an Arabic city which is set apart from the usual glitzy, contemporary cities – a toned down town of Fujairah which is set on the eastern coast along the Gulf of Oman and bordered by the rugged Hajar Mountains on the other side.

Fujairah is a modern city that is the main settlement of the East Coast.

The emirate is separated from the rest of the United Arab Emirates by the jagged line of mountains and is a very short drive from the incredibly scenic Musandam Peninsula of Oman as well as the mainland.

North of Dubai, Sharjah has the country's best museums, while the smaller Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Ras al Khaimah provide glimpses of life in the pre-oil days.

Allow us to help arrange your preferred tour across the United Arab Emirates For many tourists and visitors, Fujairah is a laid-back relief after the bustle of Dubai.For Emirati locals, it's a favourite weekend escape.


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