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Middleditch: I did a little bit of questioning, a bit of probing, which was disgusting, to her sister, who has two kids and is about to have a third. Middleditch: Well you know, the weird thing is, I’m always like amazed that sometimes our thing just isn’t enough.

Crew: Did you pitch it to Mollie [Middleditch's wife]? Like a headline that should really just be a plot line for your show?


A strange and funky new party drug is killing kids left and right and that jive-ass, crooked city councilor Dominic ...Ahead of the debut of season 3, Business Insider sat down with Thomas Middleditch, who plays Richard, the CEO of Pied Piper, and Amanda Crew, who plays Monica, the business associate that just fired him from that role. Middleditch: Is that what happens when a company IPOs? Carson: Yeah, you’re actually the first person from Silicon Valley to actually make it. Even reading the pilot, I was like what is this place they’ve created? I’m not going to be creating an app or doing the code or anything for it. When you’re an actor who just got his first big chunk of change and you’re like ‘what do I do with it? They’re investing in companies and it’s a similar thing. I grew up in a hippy town so I did my playing outdoors and skiing and all that, but then I also had my nerd friends that I went and hosted LAN parties with, get my Counterstrike on. I remember in the first episode Gavin Belson, when we wrote the pilot, Gavin offers Richard initially 0 million for Pied Piper and he turned it down.Biz Carson: You were ringing the bell at the NYSE this week, and you’re the first person from Silicon Valley to make it there this year. Middleditch: Well, the significance of the whole thing was pretty lost on me because I’m not really into Wall Street. As we started filming and then the reaction to the show, meeting people up here, you’re like “oh, this is a real thing.” And I think that’s why people like the show, like general audience people who aren’t in tech, because it’s kind of pulling open the curtain on an industry that you know most people have never seen before. ’, you try to look at Silicon Valley and the learning curve is so huge. I don’t want to say it’s like Vegas in a sense, but you do kinda roll the dice on some companies. You’re looking at it and you’re thinking, ok this has a chance, this has a chance, this is like a 13x, or whatever the heck idea. They’ve shown the where are you now, and there’s this one company that made million in two years and the two guys that had started it still hadn’t taken a single salary out of that. Crew: Thomas draws it from himself, from high school. So I definitely had a gateway to indoor kid behavior, but it was always too mathematical for me to pursue. Crew: It’s more like to follow them on social media. And everyone was like, that’s too much, I don’t think anyone is going to buy Richard turning down 0 million so let’s make it 10.We spent so much time together before we started filming - we had rehearsals and sailing training. Both Zac and I had personal trainers because we wanted to look like we could actually sail those boats. It was always a challenge to figure out places to go because Zac can't just go anywhere. Any crazy fan encounters when you were spending all this time with Zac?

She's a Hollywood funny woman who likes to keep her private life private.

CG: What was your reaction when you found out you'd be playing Zac Efron's love interest?


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