Adult dating backdoor passwords are lucas and jo still dating

One of those methods would have involved connecting the i Phone to a known Wi-Fi network and triggering an i Cloud backup that might provide the FBI with information stored to the device between the October 19th and the date of the incident.

Apple sent trusted engineers to attempt that method, the executives said, but they were unable to do it.

The FBI had claimed in a court filing on Friday that the password was changed by someone at the San Bernardino Health Department, writing, "[T]he owner, in an attempt to gain access to some information in the hours after the attack, was able to reset the password remotely."On Friday night, however, the San Bernardino County's official Twitter account stated, "The County was working cooperatively with the FBI when it reset the i Cloud password at the FBI's request." County spokesman David Wert told Buzz Feed News on Saturday afternoon the tweet was an authentic statement, but he had nothing further to add.

The emails and passwords of,,, and i have been accessed and made available for sale in dark web markets according to hacking notification service Leaked Source.

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’s Robby Soave called for an i Phone app that would clear up pesky he-said, she-said rape cases by recording “mutual consent” to engage in sexual activity before two people do the deed: “Maybe they would have to input a password and then touch phones, or something? Last week, his prayers were answered: The Good2Go sexual consent app isn’t as touch-and-go as the app of Soave’s dreams, but it does encourage sex partners to assess their mutual interest in sex and record their intoxication levels before getting busy.

(Previous users can just type in their phone number—which serves as their Good2Go username—and password.) Once that level is complete, she returns the phone to its owner, who can view a message explaining the terms of the partner’s consent.



Business Insider reports that an estimated 50 million people use Tinder every month, with over one billion swipes per day. Of the billion swipes happening across the dating platform, there are only 12 million matches—just over one percent, making the rate of success pretty damn low.Even though emails and passwords don’t seem as important as the information collected in the Ashley Madison hack, it can still be used to blackmail users.


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